Find out more about me!

My name is Emily Osselborn and I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. I have always had a passion to create. Since I was young, I have enjoyed doing crafts, painting, and taking photographs with my mom. In high school, I started to get into photography and design and I quickly fell in love with Graphic Design. Photography provided me with a framework for the basics of professional art. I am a meticulous designer who attacks my work as a problem solver, focusing on integrating strategy into each of my pieces. I aim to produce art and designs which are visually stimulating and satisfying. My ultimate goal is to create pieces that have deeper meaning and convey messages to the audience while allowing for multiple interpretations. I pride myself on the process, progress, and constant improvement of my designs. Through my experience, I have developed organic and creative concepts that are conceivable not only to professional graphic designers and artists but to the general public as well.